How to be Become a Patient at Surry Medical Ministries Health Clinic

Surry Medical Ministries is a full-service family practice providing integrated primary care with many onsite patient supporting services available. There are two ways (see below) to become a patient at Surry Medical Ministries Health Clinic.

1. Patients with North Carolina Medicaid

We will accept all NC Medicaid plans serving infants through adults.

  • AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina, Inc.
  • CareSource Medicaid Insurance
  • Carolina Complete Health, Inc.
  • Healthy Blue of North Carolina
  • NC Medicaid Direct/Partners Health Plan
  • UnitedHealthcare of North Carolina, Inc.
  • WellCare of North Carolina, Inc.

We do not accept Medicare or Veteran’s Administration health benefits coverage.

At your first visit, please bring: your and/or your children’s Medicaid cards and your photo ID.

2. Patients with No Health Insurance

You qualify for our services if you meet the following three requirements:

  1. Live in the greater Surry County area, see eligible zip codes. Please bring 2 proof of address to first appointment (i.e. recent utility bill, car registration, property tax notice).
  2. Have no health insurance, including no Medicaid, Medicare, or Veterans Administration health benefits coverage
  3. Household income 200% FPL or less (see chart below)

Surry Medical Ministries Clinic focuses on equal access to healthcare for all persons. Our clinic provides primary care services to everyone without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, or the ability to pay. Fees for referred services are included in all charity care partnership agreements.


It is all financial support a person or each family member receives each month to help pay bills and pay for what the person or family need. This support could be: paychecks, money paid in cash for working, Social Security, Veterans Benefits, Widow’s Benefits, Pensions, a spouse, child or partner’s Disability Income, support for paying rent or utilities from another person or organization. Please ask Surry Medical Ministries staff if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

  • Essential Services Referrals Eligibility: all uninsured persons with 200% FPL income or below seeking treatment at Surry Medical Ministries will be provided care.
Federal Poverty Guidelines

*The limits shown above are based on the 2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines extended by the Department of Health and Human Services

Out Of Clinic Referrals

Patients with proof of residence in the Healthcare Partnership Service Area (listed below) are included in the associated Charity Care agreement for referral services.

NC ZIP CODES – 27030, 27077, 27017, 27024, 27041, 28621, 27047, 28676, 27053, 28683, 27043, 27021, 27011, 28642, 27050, 28623, 28670, 27094,2 7098, 27099, 27031, 27045, 27049

VA ZIP CODES – 24317, 24053, 24333, 24328, 24343, 24351, 24352, 24381, 24120, 24076, 24177

Note: If you live outside of these zip code areas, Surry Medical Ministries Clinic offers access to sliding scale payment plans based on family size and household income for any recommended essential service.